Friday, December 14, 2012

Problem with your Eyes? Talk to St. Lucy!

Here is a beautiful little story that I would like to share with you about the intercession of a special saint! First a little bit of background!

My daughter, at birth had a little bit of a lazy eye. We kept our eye on it and were in constant vigil praying for the intercession of St. Lucy, begging for her to bring the request before the throne of Jesus!

When she was two years old, we started patching her eyes according to the instructions given by her pediatrician. Over time, it became apparent that she would need surgery. And then, yes, ANOTHER surgery, both at Sick Children's hospital.

She was given the sacrament of the sick both times, on the day of one of her surgeries, we just 'happen' to meet a priest we know at the hospital -- Coincidence? No, I don't think so! He stayed with my husband and I during the surgery (waiting) and prayed with us.

She goes to the doctor regularly for issues she has with her eyes! Fast forward a few years...   And a good friend, Carolina Girod, says that for some reason her little daughter has been praying for Monica's eyes for YEARS! Of course I was very fond and grateful for the sentiment and the prayers, totally astounded that a little girls would become my daughters prayer warrior! How beautiful !!!

For the past 3 weeks, my daughter was complaining of bad eye pain, so I phoned her doctor of ophthalmology and the first appointment he had was in March 2013, so I booked it. His secretary (ophthalmology's) recommended that I take her to her pediatrician. I took her in to see her pediatrician.. He proceeded to say that his equipment is not that sophisticated (for eyes) as was an optometrist. It was then, I asked if I should take her into emergency. He suggested not and  that as an alternative, I take her into see an optometrist, stating that their equipment could rule out a bunch of things.

I let is slide for a couple of days because the symptoms seemed to be getting better...   I thought maybe it was eye strain because of all the time she spends on her ipad.

Yesterday, she came home in tears complaining about her eyes. So, I dropped everything and by the grace of God, I made a phone call and got an appointment with an optometrist within the half hour....   five minutes from home (no long waits at hospitals).

After an hour and a half of testing. The optometrist said that her eyes have IMPROVED! She needs weaker glasses! She also said that she was EXTREMELY surprised how good her vision was in her LAZY eye! She said that most patients with lazy eyes can barely see out of it. She said it was truly remarkable!

The optometrist did say she would to write to the ophthalmologist and suggest she be seen sooner, to rule out a couple of things, so please do pray! But the optometrist assured us NOT to worry....   no emergency on our hands.

Guess what day it was YESTERDAY?

The day of all the testing and the day of all the news of improvement?

It was the Memorial of Saint Lucy, Virgin and Martyr !!!!!!!

Please continue to pray.... my friends !!!

But all of this really inspired me to share about the intercession about this powerful saint !!! Now, was THAT a coincidence? No, I don't think so!!! Another story here!

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